Thursday, 11 October 2012

Cameron makes more promises

David Cameron has made yet another promise of an EU referendum at the Tory Party conference and like his infamous Cast Iron Guarantee™ he's promising it after the next election.  Oh, and it won't be an in/out referendum, it'll be a status quo or the mythical repatriation of powers that he keeps promising but won't ever tell us how and when it might ever happen when there is no legal basis for it in the Lisbon Treaty.

Cameron is particularly vague and contradictory about this referendum, suggesting it would be held some time after a new, trade-only relationship has already been negotiated and then says that a referendum would be needed as a mandate to negotiate a trade-only relationship.  A self-imposed chicken and egg situation from Cast Iron Dave offering a perpetual get-out clause.

The EU Commission is demanding a big increase of 6.85% (€137.9bn) in its budget and the EU Parliament have agreed to it.  While the French and Germans called for a cut in the EU budget, the Tories and Lib Dems voted for a budget freeze and Labour voted for the increase.  Cameron says that he'll consider using a veto to stop any "outrageous" budget increase but of course he doesn't say what "outrageous" means so don't be surprised if, by a happy co-incidence, 6.85% is just shy of "outrageous".

Boris Johnson has scored a massive own goal by backing Cameron's vague and impossible repatriation of powers guff and saying he sees no reason for having an in/out referendum on the EU now.  Many in the City will be astounded that Mayor Boris doesn't consider the sustained assault by the EU on London's financial sector - an attack that is still ongoing - as a good enough reason to leave the EU.

Cameron has also claimed that he will impose visa controls on some EU immigrants.  This is completely illegal under EU rules and the EU have already stomped on the last promise to try and limit immigration and that was only for non-EU immigration!  Membership of the EU removes your right to control your own borders.

The Tories simply can't be trusted.  We've had a string of broken promises by Cameron and Tory MPs have rallied round him, making excuses and calling for the Tory faithful to keep the faith.  Anyone who votes for a Tory with their record is a damn fool.