Friday, 26 October 2012

Tory MPs briefed against Carswell's EU membership private bill

I normally wouldn't drive traffic to a Tory supporting blog but in this case I'll make an exception.  Someone in the Conservative Party has leaked details of a briefing against Douglas Carswell's private members' bill calling for us to leave the EU to Guido Fawkes.

Compare the intelligence-insulting questions Tory MPs are being told to ask with the government's response to the latest EU referendum petition.  This isn't the work of politicians, it's far too organised and joined up - this is the work of the europhile civil service and Cameron's army of special advisors and researchers.

Carswell's bill is due to be debated today.
  • Does the Minister agree that the passage of such a Bill would lead to a constitutional and political crisis within both the UK and the EU?
  • Does the Minister agree that now is not the time to take such a drastic move, given the economic turmoil that Europe is experiencing?
  • Repealing the EC Act would be a dramatic move. Does the Minister agree that the people of the UK should be consulted on such a move?
  • Does the Minister agree that, as the British people now have a vote on any future treaty change, they should also be counselled on a move as severe as withdrawing from the EU altogether?
  • Does the Minister agree that the audit of competencies should be completed before any major decisions on the UK’s future relationship with the EU?
  • Does the Minister agree that it is far better to consult the British people through the audit of competencies, rather than making a rash decision to unilaterally withdraw now?
Would the last eurosceptic in CCHQ please turn out the lights?