Sunday, 21 October 2012

UKIP on 12% in Survation poll

UKIP is well out in front of the Lib Dems with 12% against their 8% in a Survation poll published last night.

Lib Dem8%

BBC coverage of the poll in the news last night ignored UKIP and pretended the Lib Dems were in third place, even displaying a graphic showing just Labour, Tories and Lib Dems.  Survation Chief Executive, Damian Lyons Lowe, writes extensively on their website about the folly of pretending we still have a three party system and repeats pretty much every criticism written on Bloggers4UKIP of YouGov and others trying to perpetuate the myth of the three party system - criticism that has led directly to at least three polling companies either changing the way they ask for voting intention or the way they report it.

A YouGov poll also published last night has UKIP and the Lib Dems level pegging on 9%.  The full breakdown of results shows most Lib Dem support comes from the rich and young people which is really quite inexplicable bearing in mind their betrayal of students over tuition fees and regressive wealth taxes.  UKIP support is greatest amongst the middle aged and above and working classes.

Lib Dem9%
Survation polling also shows that support for leaving the EU has now reached 51% with just 34% saying they want to stay in and 15% undecided.  This is an increase of 10% in a year and has led to the Tories briefing that David Cameron is thinking about possibly not being entirely unconvinced that the possibility of perhaps having a referendum on membership of the EU might not entirely be completely out of the question as long as it could be gerrymandered to produce the right answer.