Sunday, 11 November 2012

Windsor Tory blames UKIP for losing election

Whine, whine, those UKIP
rotters stole our votes
A Tory councillor has complained that UKIP deprived his party of victory and let a Lib Dem win in a by-election in the Royal Borough of Windsor.

Tory candidate Catherine Hollingsworth lost by 8 votes to Lib Dem Cllr Simon Werner whilst UKIP candidate, George Chamberlaine, came third with 152 votes.

Leader of Windsor Conservatives, Cllr David Burbage, shares the arrogant belief most Tories seem to have that any vote for UKIP rightfully belongs to them and has blamed UKIP for their loss.
It is unfortunate that, largely thanks to UKIP, the residents of Pinkneys Green have missed out from electing a very effective councillor in Catherine Hollingsworth. The last thing that people who voted UKIP would have wanted would be a boost to the pro-EU Lib Dems.
The last thing any UKIP voter wants is for a representative of a pro-EU party to win an election, whether that person is Lib Dem, Labour or Tory.  If the 831 people who voted for the big government, high tax, pro-EU Tories had voted for UKIP instead then the residents of Pinkneys Green could have had an effective UKIP councillor in George Chamberlaine.
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