Thursday, 22 November 2012

YI Events Officer candidate statements

Not to be sidelined by the battle to be Young Independence chairman, the two candidates for YI events officer tell us why YI members should vote for them ...

Rob Comley says ...

If elected, I will:
  • Get as many people from all over the UK involved in YI events as possible, merging the YI gap around the country.
  • Have AT LEAST one major event in each third of the country. We all want to see more events, but we need to be realistic. The budget will not let us jump from two major events to six over night!
  • Set up an events committee.
  • Help set up a National YI conference in 2013.
  • Organise a YI weekend away, campaign and training days, and fundraising events.
  • Travel across the country to attend events.
  • Encourage bonding. Socialising should not just be about politics. We all know what each others views are. It should be about having fun.
  • Work with universities to get the hardworking members involved in events, as well as helping them to set up their own.
  • Improve advertising of social events.
  • Set up a social events newsletter, as well as an events calendar on the UKIP website.
  • Work with the LGBT to organise events.
Reece Warren says ...
  • Regional Rotation. Give ALL YI members an equal chance of attending events!
  • UNITE YI members from across the country!
  • Arrange ACCOMMODATION for National Events as well as the event itself in order to give YI members the cheapest, quickest and simplest ways of attending an event!
  • Hold at least TWO National Events per calendar year in differing locations!
  • To truly represent ALL YI members from all ends of the country, and to truly utilise your ideas for events too!

    Vote Reece Warren.
    For A Fresh Approach To YI.
Both candidates have similar ideas - more events, more fun, move around the country.  Rob adds to that with working with university groups and the UKIP LGBT group.  Reece would arrange accommodation for national events.  Both candidates seem to be fairly evenly matched but Rob has the edge on Reece at the moment.
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