Thursday, 27 December 2012

Even the Iranians are scared of UKIP

Iranian state media outlet, Press TV, has made a sad attempt at a hatchet job on UKIP over Nigel Farage's comments on immigration.

Press TV's man in Westminster
Under the heading "UKIP leader begins to show his true face" and accompanied by a picture of Farage with the expelled former member Kim Gandy who Press TV describe as a UKIP spokeswoman, the article describes UKIP as "far right" and says that the party "is believed to promote racism by choosing fascist members" and citing Gandy as an example.

Press TV reinforces its lack of credibility even further by citing EDL News' description of Gandy - who they wrongly identify as a UKIP member and spokesperson - as the "angriest far right extremist" they've ever had.  Although their description of Gandy is probably not far off the mark, the EDL News website is an anti-EDL website.

But what really speaks volumes about Press TV is the fact that they provide a platform to the Islamist far left extremist, George Galloway MP.