Friday, 18 January 2013

Cameron blocks Romanian & Bulgarian immigration figures

David Cameron and Eric Pickles are conspiring to prevent the release of official predictions of how many Romanians and Bulgarians are likely to move here when immigration controls are relaxed for the two EU member states next year.

Our glorious leader with his Nazi-loving
friend in the EU Parliament
Unofficial estimates put the figure at around 425,000 which would drive up unemployment, decimate already inadequate housing stocks and put an intolerable strain on public services.
Cameron said that they don't want to release the predictions early because they don't have enough confidence in them and then went on to cite the influx of Polish immigrants in 2004 when the British government predicted 14,000 would move here and nearly half a million came instead.  If he's suggesting that the 425,000 number that's being thrown around might be a bit on the low side then we need to know right now because there are 21m people living in Romania and Bulgaria and a fifth of them are living below the poverty line.

We need to know right now because to deliberately flood the country with that many eastern European immigrants knowing that there is a very real possibility that it would destroy the economy, send unemployment out of control, leave tens of thousands of people homeless or living in overcrowded houses and increase racial/ethic/cultural tensions then one or two people might consider that to be an act of treason.