Monday, 14 January 2013

Cameron's in/in/out referendum will keep us in EU forever

So, David Cameron is going to give a speech on "Europe" (he means the EU) on Friday and he's going to give us a Cast Iron Guarantee™ of a referendum after the next election.

I say, who let in those plebs?
Cameron said today that people were fed up of not having a say on "Europe" because people have been promising referenda and not following through with them.  Apparently it was "the government" that failed to give us the referenda that he personally promised and personally whipped his MPs to vote down.

There is no confirmation what this mythical referendum would ask but all the evidence is that it will be an in/in/out referendum - maintaining the status quo, staying in but renegotiating terms of membership and leaving the EU.  This is almost certain to result in a vote for renegotiation as human nature is to err on the cautious side and find a "third way" and the LibLabCon will have spent millions of pounds on taxpayer-funded propaganda to scare us into it.  And this is why Cameron, as a committed europhile, can't lose.

The suggestion that renegotiation of our relationship with the EU is possible is a con.  There is no legal basis for a "pick n mix" membership and absolutely no appetite for it in the EU or the leaders of any of the EU member states.  When superficial attempts to renegotiate fail the referendum will have produced an overwhelming "in" vote which will be held up as "proof" that the electorate want to stay in the EU.

There is also the little publicised fact recently revealed by Better Off Out that 2017 is the date specified in the Lisbon Treaty for mandatory full fiscal union for all EU member states.  That means goodbye pound, hello €uro.  With 2018 being suggested by Tory MPs as the most likely time for the aforementioned mythical referendum, leaving would then involve unpicking fiscal union and bringing back the pound possibly less than a year after it has been abolished.