Sunday, 17 February 2013

Labour's Eastleigh candidate wishes IRA had killed Thatcher

Terrorist Sympathiser
The Labour candidate for Eastleigh, John O'Farrell, wrote a book in 1998 on his misguided support for the Labour Party and explains in it how disappointed he was that the IRA failed in their attempt to assassinate Margaret Thatcher in 1984.

Lord Tebbit has described O'Farrell as an "incontinently voiced moral reprobate who tries to excuse murder as a weapon against those who won democratic elections time after time against the rag-bag remnants of a once great  Labour Party".  Lord Tebbit was injured in that assassination attempt and his wife was crippled for life by it.

In the book O'Farrell also explains how we wishes that we had lost the Falklands war and left the Falkland Islanders at the mercy of the Argentinian invaders.