Saturday, 9 February 2013

Paul Nuttall MEP gets into a spot of bother in Bulgaria

UKIP MEP for the north east of England, Paul Nuttall, has been in a spot of bother in Romania and Bulgaria after warning about the impending flood of Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia.

Paul visited a Roma gypsy slum in Sofia and commented that such slums shouldn't exist these days and that minorities should be integrated into society.  Some Bulgarians took exception to the idea that the Roma, who are considered second class citizens by large sections of society, should be considered equal to non-Roma and protested outside the British embassy.  Similar protests took place in Romania.  In both countries far right groups were the instigators.

From the 1st of January next year, 30 million of the poorest people in Europe will be entitled to live and work in the UK and thanks to economically and socially damaging EU rules, all a Romanian or Bulgarian immigrant needs to do to claim benefits from the day they arrive in the UK is register as self employed.  With an average wage of just €393 per month in Bulgaria and €479 in Romania, there's plenty of motivation for the average self employed plumber or builder to come here where they can claim that sort of money in benefits for a week.