Monday, 11 February 2013

Young Independence and LGBTQ* link arms for the greater good

                 I and my friend Max were staring upon the rushed notes I made in utter confusion - as we stood before Embankment Station. After waddling up Villiers Street for a little while I recognised a path (Craven Passage) which was far less condensed; we were heading for the same bar I, and the YI lot, pranced over to after the YI Christmas Party on the HMS Belfast. I was delighted. However, this time my sleepiness would only kick in much later into the night, hence we were just about to embrace one lively debate - and with its fruitful compromises.

                 As we were heading up to YI-LBGT's booked part of the bar I noticed the organiser's name was displayed as 'Ron Conley'; I wondered who that could possibly be. Immediately, on the second floor Ukip London Chair, David Coburn, dashed for a shake of the hands; we've already worked together in many exhilarated post-2010 campaigns - and of course I introduced Max. The numbers were low as I entered on the clock, but numbers would eventually redouble. There was trouble for many, and YI Chair Rob Comley, in returning from an action day in Eastleigh without being engulfed by delay. Nonetheless, later after he arrived we had a jubilant time reflecting over my previous Blog - his interview as Caretaker Chair.

              After a lengthy catch up with one another , Coburn suddenly launched himself to the other side of the bar. He called for our sincere attention before addressing us. I was reassured when Coburn gave a clear and concise defense as to why Olly Neville was revoked of Chairmanship; it was, quite frankly, about consistency in our external representation by party spokespeople - which Neville’s words contradicted totally. He also rebooted the sense of Libertarianism with a hint of Britannia’s Common Sense; you're not going to get anywhere blabbering about necrophilia. After a debate was proclaimed, it escalated rapidly; though of course maintaining its friendly heart. This ranged from the candidate selection processes efficiency, to the grassroots' confidence in the leadership's PR tactics, to Gay Marriage.

              Each of the LGBT crew possessed different views on the concept of marriage in modern society, but nonetheless, they still embraced one another. We also discussed the progress of Ukip and YI London. The LGBT crew were great to have on board for all of this and I hope they become occasional figures in Ukip London; the event was an obvious morale boost in light of the Ollyshamles. I believe in the Membership. Not too much the leadership in its current state - they should merge more with the membership; reflecting on the parties' yellow, purple and striped roots.

           That can be Ukip's tangible destiny; a People's Party; a Common Sense Party. [[]] This poll is interesting because the three parliamentary parties' ratings are actually unchanged during our increase; it's obvious we have united the Other vote. As Nigel once put it, there isn't a single street Ukip is socially barricaded from, (in my own words).

           Three things I've learnt from that night: take some photos for this blog, prevent 'lightweight' drowsiness and learn how to tie a bow tie - forget clip ons apparently... Additionally, the pianist/ singer was spectacular and the queue was tremendous on our way out; any relation?