Tuesday, 19 March 2013

After Leveson, UKIP Should Think Very Carefully About Accepting Defecting MPs

The horrible debacle concerning press regulation by statute has had one good side effect: it has brought into sharp relief the kind of people our Parliamentarians are, and how we should separate the wheat from the chaff.

As UKIP's popularity grows, the greater the tendency there is for people to defect to our ranks for reasons of cynical opportunism. How MPs voted on Leveson is a very good litmus test of their character.

If an MP voted for the statute then they are either:

a) highly authoritarian
b) extremely stupid
c) a gutless careerist
d) spiteful and vindictive
e) all or some of the above.

Anyone of those traits should be enough to get an MP - or anyone else for that matter - barred from UKIP membership.

We really cannot afford to have our party polluted by such people.