Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Hope not Hate won't target UKIP, Labour are instead

Anti-fascist group Hope Not Hate were asking last week if they should target UKIP - not because they think the party is fascist but because they don't agree with UKIP's politics.

Although their mainly Labour-supporting followers managed to push the result to about a two thirds majority in favour of targeting UKIP, the people who run the group decided that the written responses that went with the votes didn't establish a clear mandate to do so so they would continue to challenge UKIP on a case by case basis.  That's their prerogative and a much more sensible approach than attacking the party just because  they believe in unlimited immigration and militant multiculturalism.

Meanwhile, this post on Labour List probably goes some way to explaining why Labour supporters but so much effort into trying to get Hope Not Hate to attack UKIP.  The Labour Party is conducting a review of UKIP with the aim of coming up with a nationwide strategy to deal with the threat we pose to them.  The article says that we're not a real threat of course but then goes on to say that UKIP is probably going to win the EU elections and that we keep on embarrassing them in elections, pushing them into fourth place.  There is no mention of Lord Ashcroft's post-Eastleigh polling that showed Labour voters in large numbers turning to UKIP but that's hardly surprising because that doesn't fit in with the "far right" label they keep trying (unsuccessfully) to apply to UKIP.

Just like the Tories have discovered, there is nothing that can be done to neutralise the threat from UKIP.  We offer sensible policies that the general public believe in - not just on the EU but in all walks of life.  People want to see their tax bill lowered, mass immigration stopped, the economy revived, matrons put back in charge of hospital wards, adequate funding for the military, an end to paying farmers not to farm, no more money being shovelled into the global warming propaganda machine, an end to the persecution of the motorist and of course withdrawing from the wasteful and corrupt EU.  This is what voters want and this is why traditional Tories, Lib Dems and Labour supporters are voting for change.