Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Why your EU Parliamentary vote should NOT automatically reflect your UK Parliamentary Vote.

Remember David Cameron saying he wanted to FREEZE the EU budget?

Remember the UK Parliament voted to ask him to get a CUT in the EU budget?

Remember David Cameron claiming he had won his EU budget negotiations and got the first ever CUT in the EU budget? (Lets forget for now that this 'cut' actually meant the UK paying MORE).

Well that was then ...

Now the EU parliament have voted on the proposed cut - and rejected it.

Why am I blogging on this little bit of news?

Because Labour MP's voted for the cut at Westminster before Cameron went to the negotiations - but Labour MEPs have just voted AGAINST THE CUT in Brussels...

So called 'Labour' MEPs have not loyal to the UK Labour party - they are not under the control of the UK Labour party and do not work in the UK's interests.

Even those who vote Labour in UK elections should think VERY CAREFULLY before voting Labour in the EU elections... Labour MEP's have 'gone native' and are dedicated to the EU's interests, not the UK's.