Sunday, 17 March 2013

YI Communication Officer candidate withdraws from election

Sam Launder – Young Independence National Elections 2013 – Official Statement.

Last week, I was asked to stand for the role of Communications Officer on the Young Independence Council. I was informed that it was likely the position would be uncontested, and was asked by current members of the Council to stand for the position. It later transpired that Carl Whitwell had already put his name forward for the position, but due to a mix-up with email addresses the Party had not received his nomination.

I have had significant personal matters to attend to since the close of nominations, and have had just 4 hours sleep in the last two days. Personal issues are likely to affect me for the rest of this week, and my ability to campaign is severely limited. My main reason for standing in the first place was to serve the Party and Young Independence and to help out in a role where we had no-one else. As there is another able volunteer for the role, it seems both logical and sensible for me to step aside to allow Carl to do the job. I am confident that he will make an excellent Communications Officer. I therefore write to formally withdraw from the election for the post of Communications Officer.

Finally, I would like to make it clear that I remain fully committed to Rob Comley's campaign for the vital role of YI Chairman. I urge all YI members to cast their minds back just a few short weeks. When Rob Comley took over, it's fair to say that YI was in turmoil. Rob showed am immense amount of courage to take on what was arguably 'the hardest job in youth politics'.
But within weeks, Rob had Young Independence working together. He ensured that YI regional branches were officially approved, acted as a calming influence on YI and developed the YI database. His keen personal interest in helping YI Yorkshire to get back on track was refreshing, and he has almost unanimous support amongst YI members here.

If Rob can do all of this in just a few weeks, I would love to see what he can achieve in a year! If I have any time at all this week to campaign, I would like to spend it ensuring that Rob Comley is elected Chairman of Young Independence. That is far more important to me than my own chances of election as Communications Officer.

None of this is intended as any slight whatsoever against Sean Howlett, and I look forward to seeing Sean at Spring Conference. It's just that Rob has done an amazing job so far as interim Chairman, and he deserves the chance to develop his ideas properly.