Thursday, 18 April 2013

Godders calls for St George's Day bank holiday

UKIP MEP, Godfrey Bloom, has called for St George's Day to be made a public holiday in England.

The Grimsby Telegraph reports Godders as saying:
Every year a big fuss is made about St Patrick’s Day and it would be fantastic if as much fuss was made about the patron saint of England.

There has been an improvement in public recognition over the past few years but it is really still a very low key event. It is something UKIP is pushing for and we have today set up an e-petition.

We have far fewer public holidays in this country than many European countries and I believe it would be appropriate for one to be instituted for St George.
We don't have a lower number of public holidays than many European countries, we have the lowest number in Europe.  St Andrew's Day is a public holiday in Scotland and St Patrick's Day is a public holiday in Northern Ireland.

I haven't found the e-petition yet but we'll post details when we get them.
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