Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Time to muster the troops

We have received an urgent appeal for help from Mark Staplehurst, a Target seat candidate and one of our best chances of winning a County seat.
Mark is standing in FARNBOROUGH WEST Division.  35,000 leaflets have been got out.  He now needs urgent help with Canvassing.  Without that, potential votes may be lost.
 He says:  "West Heath Ward has 3 elected UKIP councillors, we have a huge opportunity to get our first County seat, so much so that the Sitting County Councillor is in a bit of a flap, so much so she is going round telling many lies, which are falling on many deaf ears, but also on receptive believers!
 I am asking that any UKIP members in Hampshire or the South East that really want a county seat for the party come up to Farnborough to do some serious canvassing with me over the next couple of weeks, only by doing that will we have a chance to get elected. I have spent the last three weeks putting out thousands of leaflets, I now need some help!
 It will be great if we can get a team of 10 – 20 people over 8 evenings (days for those retired and at a loose end!).  FYI if I get elected, I will be putting a proportion of my CC allowance into the Hampshire UKIP pot wherever it is needed, so I am doing this for the greater good, but to get some help would be very helpful at this time, I have run out of time!
 We have a real chance here (we won a 64% majority last year in West Heath, if that is anything to go by it is 60% of the votes we need for the County!) but without the canvassing it won’t happen, as I physically can’t knock 9,870 houses on my own!"
I know everyone is up to their eyes in work - but please, if you can send even 1 or 2 of your branch members for a day it will make a big difference.
 Cllr Mark Staplehurst F.Inst.S.M.M.
34 Green School Lane
GU14 7PS

Mobile: 07834 159439