Friday, 17 May 2013

Setting the Agenda...

Well lets get real for one moment. UKIP  made fantastic gains recently (County elections) and it begs the question 'WHY?'  As a fervent UKIP supporter / activist however you wish to label me. Let me share my thoughts with you. That is to say (imho) we are a part of history right now and those that subscribe will BE remembered. For like it or not the political landscape is changing and daily I witness more and more people from a so called (working class) background.  Previously and historically Labour supporters are finding a new home, what gives?

One can bury one's head in the sand and pretend that the 'old guard' still call the shots, however what appears apparent (speaking with people on the doorstep) can be simply put as ~

"I've had my fill"  of the Three headed triad (all the same) and we've had enough of their lies , seems UKIP provides an outlet for disenfranchised voters  ,this is to be applauded *if* you are that person that loves democracy.

2014?  My prediction, UKIP will continue to make advances in all quarters and those that make a stand must be applauded. Crystal ball  has been vanquished, let hard work and determination be the measure of our success moving forward.

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Peter Smith
Branch Treasurer
UKIP Thurrock and Basildon.