Tuesday, 14 May 2013

UKIP and the immigration issue.

UKIP and the immigration issue.

UKIP is often in the news getting slated by people who do not realise what our policy is about.
Here is a rough guide:

UKIP Immigration Policy is currently undergoing a review and update. The full policy will be published in due course. Meanwhile this is a statement of principles on which the detailed policy will be based.
1. UKIP calls for an end to the age of mass, uncontrolled immigration.  Since 1997 immigration has added almost four million new people to the British population; this figure does not include illegal immigrants, the exact number of which is unknown but is probably at least one million and possibly much higher.
2. Britain is very densely populated. England, where the majority of people live, is one of the most densely populated countries in the world: more densely populated than China, India and Japan. We simply cannot sustain the level of immigration that adds another one million people to the population every four to five years. This puts an intolerable burden on our infrastructure and public services.
3. UKIP would introduce a five year freeze on immigration for permanent settlement (with some exceptions) until we regain control of our borders, put in effective immigration controls, and deal with the issue of illegal immigrants. Overstaying a visa would become a criminal offence.
4. Any future immigration for permanent settlement must be on a strictly limited and controlled basis where that can clearly be shown to benefit the British people as a whole and our economy. Immigrants would not be able to apply for public housing or benefits until they had paid tax for five years.
5. Meanwhile UKIP would enable people to come and work in the UK by means of a points based work permit system for limited periods of time and to fulfil specific gaps in the job market that cannot be filled by the existing work force.
6. Measures would be taken to identify illegal immigrants and remove them to their country of origin. Exceptions may be made in limited circumstances, but there would be no general amnesty for illegal migrants.
7. EU citizens who have been established in the UK for seven years or more will, depending on their circumstances, be able to apply for permanent leave to remain (provided they fulfil certain criteria and are eligible to apply for work permits).
8. UKIP would withdraw from the European Convention of Human Rights and the European Convention on Refugees. This would enable us to deport foreign criminal and terrorist suspects where desirable.  UKIP would allow genuine asylum applications in accordance with our international obligations.
None of these policies can be implemented while Britain is still a member of the European Union, and that is just one of the reasons why UKIP policy is to leave the European Union. 

So there you have it, the policy outline is obviously similar to the Austrailian, New Zealand and Canadian models. Yet we still get called racists and fruitcakes. 

We stand people from all walks of life immaterial of background, religion or ancestry.
Yet we still get called racists.
We have the fastest rising membership base since the SDP in the 80's, yet the government friendly call us a fringe party or single issue.
We speak common sense and the language of the everyday person in the UK. Yet the so called mainstream parties say they are in tune with the people. In some of their eyes they think they actually are of the common people.
We have been truthful when asked about some of the candidates that got through the net and were slightly dubious. Even though we have a blanket ban on any member being from a far right organisation or proscribed party. Michael Fabricant  the nutty Tory MP from Litchfield openly admitted on Have I got News For You last week that all the parties have ex far right and especially BNP in their parties, we strive not to in UKIP. He also stated that the cast from Rising Damp all looked foreign to him. Veiled racism has been cried, stupidity and not being one with the people is to blame really.

So deep down we would hope that the blinkered media would highlight all the wrong folk in the other parties from the established parties to the micro parties like the ex BNP and racist welcoming English Democrats (After their dalliances with such groups as Russky Orbaz, EFP and other holocaust denying nazi groups)

Instead of that, where they are running scared of the changes UKIP could bring to British Politics and offering a real voice for each home nation including England, they just mock, poke, pry and plain make stuff up.
Here is a story from the mail where Mandelson admits Labour went searching for immigrants for political gain.

Immigrants? We sent out search parties to get them to come... and made it hard for Britons to get work, says Mandelson

  • Former minister admits Labour deliberately engineered mass immigration
  • Between 1997 and 2010 net migration to Britain totalled 2.2million

'We were sending out search parties for people': Former Labour Cabinet Minister Peter Mandelson has admitted that his party actively encouraged immigration to the UK while in government'We were sending out search parties for people': Former Labour Cabinet Minister Peter Mandelson has admitted that his party actively encouraged immigration to the UK while in governmentLabour sent out ‘search parties’ for immigrants to get them to come to the UK, Lord Mandelson has admitted.In a stunning confirmation that the Blair and Brown governments deliberately engineered mass immigration, the former Cabinet Minister and spin doctor said New Labour sought out foreign workers.He also conceded that the influx of arrivals meant the party’s traditional supporters are now unable to find work.By contrast, Labour leader Ed Miliband has said his party got it wrong on immigration but has refused to admit it was too high under Labour.Between 1997 and 2010, net migration to Britain totalled more than 2.2million, more than twice the population of Birmingham.The annual net figure quadrupled under Labour from 48,000 people in 1997 to 198,000 by 2009.Lord Mandelson’s remarks come three years after Labour officials denied claims by former adviser Andrew Neather that they deliberately encouraged immigration in order to change the make-up of Britain.Mr Neather said the policy was designed to ‘rub the Right’s nose in diversity’. He said there was ‘a driving political purpose: that mass immigration was the way that the Government was going to make the UK truly multicultural’.Senior Labour figures have been reluctant to concede they deliberately engineered the influx of migrants who have transformed communities over the past decade.But, at a rally for the Blairite think-tank Progress, Lord Mandelson said: ‘In 2004 when as a Labour government, we were not only welcoming people to come into this country to work, we were sending out search parties for people and encouraging them, in some cases, to take up work in this country.’He said: ‘The problem has grown during the period of economic stagnation over the last five, six years.’When Labour encouraged new arrivals ‘we were almost ... a full employment economy’ but, he 
admitted: ‘The situation is different obviously now.‘We have to just realise... entry to the labour market of many people of non-British origin is hard for people who are finding it very difficult to find jobs, who find it hard to keep jobs.‘For these people immigration tends to loom large in their lives and in their worlds, now that is an inescapable fact, and we have to understand it, address it, engage with people in discussion about it.’Former prime minister Tony Blair Former prime minister Gordon Brown seen leaving the Leveson inquiry in LondonMr Mandelson's admission that New Labour sought out foreign workers is a stunning confirmation that governments led by Tony Blair, left, and Gordon Brown, right, deliberately engineered mass immigration
His words are far franker than Mr Miliband’s. Asked earlier this month whether ‘too many people were allowed to come’, he replied: ‘I wouldn’t put it that way, no.’
'I think we have to realise that the entry of migrants to the labour market is hard for people who are finding it very difficult to get jobs, or to keep jobs'
 Lord Mandelson yesterday

'Migrants are filling gaps in our labour market that Britons are not available to fill or unwilling to fill. There has not been an adverse effect on employment of British nationals'
Mandelson in March 2009
Tory chairman Grant Shapps said: ‘Peter Mandelson’s candid admission that Labour were purposefully letting immigration spiral out of control when in government is yet another damning indictment on their record on immigration.’
Sir Andrew Green of Migration Watch said: ‘This is an astonishing admission from the highest level that Labour’s mass immigration policy was entirely deliberate.
‘It will be a very long time before their own working class supporters forgive them for the enormous changes that have been imposed on their communities.’
Gordon Brown yesterday accused the Tories of emulating Enoch Powell by using immigration to head off the growing electoral threat from UKIP. 
Mr Powell’s 1968 ‘rivers of blood’ speech ignited huge controversy in the debate on immigration.
Former prime minister Mr Brown – who once called for ‘British jobs for British workers’ – told a pro-union rally in Glasgow: ‘A party that was anti-Powellite on immigration is now becoming very close to being Powellite on that issue.’