Monday, 7 October 2013

2014 MEP lists announced

The regional lists have been announced today and they are topped by the strongest candidates we could have hoped for.  If UKIP wins the EU elections next year as expected we will see some fantastic MEPs working for our withdrawal from the EU.

What is nice to see is the number of women who have made the lists this time round and without a quota in sight.  The LibLabCon parties have to force their members to choose women candidates through all-female shortlists while we choose them based on merit.  With two lists topped by women and another three in second place we should see at least two or three female UKIP MEPs.

Patrick O'Flynn22,610
Stuart Agnew21,441
Tim Aker6,841
Michael Heaver6,054
Andrew Smith3,475
Mick McGough2,517
Andy Monk2,374
East Midlands
Roger Helmer19,590
Margot Parker9,340
Jonathan Bullock3,245
Nigel Wickens2,242
Barry Mahoney2,229
Gerard Batten26,093
Paul Oakley8,627
Elizabeth Jones4,667
Lawrence Webb4,275
Alastair McFarlane2,869
Andrew McNeilis2,736
Anthony Brown1,750
Peter Whittle1,278

North East
Jonathan Arnott9,683
Richard Elvin4,025
John Tennant2,530
North West
Paul Nuttall53,313
Louise Bours6,981
Steven Woolfe6,372
Shneur Odze5,247
Michael McManus4,909
Lee Slaughter2,322
Simon Noble2,099
Peter Harper1,587
South East
Nigel Farage89.909
Janice Atkinson23,304
Diane James18,131
Ray Finch13,344
Donna Edmunds5,475
Patricia Culligan5,192
Nigel Jones4,225
Alan Evans2,491
Simon Strutt2,463
Barry Cooper1,982

South West
William Dartmouth16,796
Julia Reid11,155
Gawain Towler6.174
Tony McIntyre4,391
Robert Smith4,366
Keith Crawford2,856
West Midlands
Jill Seymour10.483
James Carver4,763
Bill Etheridge4,423
Phil Henrick3,080
Michael Wrench2,818
Michael Green1,849
Lyndon Jones1,717
Yorkshire & N Lincs
Jane Collins10,264
Amjad Bashir8,349
Mike Hookem3,136
Gary Shores2,500
Jason Smith2,058
Anne Murgatroyd

Nathan Gill1,254
James Cole697
Caroline Jones668
David Rowlands639
Northern Ireland
Henry Reilly

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