Sunday, 27 October 2013

Another political attack on a former UKIP candidate

Hope not Hate have published another attack on UKIP, this time targeting a former UKIP candidate in Wales - John Humberstone - for tweeting a criticism of British workers that reads very much like a joke that's been doing the rounds for years:
The great british work force start @ 10 tea break@ 11 lunch @ 1, bugger off home @ 4 is it any wonder we are on our knees no one gives a hoot

With no sense of irony whatsoever, Hope not Hate have responded to the tip-off by "a political source" with a disparaging article describing his tweet as "an astonishing attack on British workers".

For years now Labour, the Lib Dems and the Tories have been telling us that we must open our borders to mass immigration despite rampant unemployment amongst the people already living here because British workers won't do the "menial" jobs.  They've been telling us for years that we'd rather be unemployed that do the type of work that immigrants tend to gravitate towards because we just don't have the work ethic that immigrants do.  This isn't "an astonishing attack on British workers" though because it's from the establishment parties that support them.

Humberstone explained his reasons for tweeting what he did:
I want to reopen the hotel as quickly as I can but I'm not being helped by workmen who behave as if they were employed as school dinner ladies, turning up at 9.30 9.45 or 10.30 in the morning. I'm talking about painters, plumbers and electricians. About 30% to 40% of the ones I've used have been like that – it’s a fairly high percentage. When they carry on like that, I tell them I don’t need them any more. I think it is a problem today.

When I worked in the building trade I used to be on site by 7 and I’d put in a good day’s work.

The tweet stemmed from my frustration. I'm not doing much politically at the moment because the be-all and end-all for me is getting the hotel open again. We’ll have to do that in stages, but I'm hoping some rooms will be open in a couple of weeks time.
So his tweet was based on personal experience and was certainly nothing like the scale of the continual denigration of British workers by the three establishment parties yet Hope not Hate have attacked him because he's a UKIP member.  What possible motivation could they have for this?
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