Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Are you listening Prime Minister?

There are only 35 days left until 30m of the poorest people in the EU are able to live and work in the UK in unlimited numbers.

So far, over 20k people have signed a petition calling on the British government to indefinitely suspend the abolition of border controls for Romania and Bulgaria due to come into force on 1st January.
In 2014, border restrictions on people coming from Bulgaria and Romania will be relaxed. This will mean nationals from these countries will be equally entitled to jobs, housing and welfare benefits. It will put pressure on our housing, infrastructure, schools, and healthcare at a time when the government is cutting pensions, jobs, public services and the armed forces.

I request that the government suspends indefinitely the relaxing of the UK's border restrictions due to take place on 1 January 2014.
David Cameron has clearly realised too late how much public opinion is against him on immigration because he's announced changes to the benefits system for EU immigrants which he says will send a clear message that we're not a soft touch. The changes he's announced are making EU immigrants wait 3 months before they are entitled to benefits, limit unemployment benefits to 6 months unless the claimant has a genuine chance of a job, making them wait for housing benefit and deporting EU immigrants who are caught begging or sleeping rough.

The problem with Cast Iron Dave's master plan is that it's not achievable.  EU immigrants claiming to be self employed are allowed to claim benefits from the day they arrive, Big Issue sellers are self employed and EU law says that EU immigrants are entitled to the same benefits as the natives of the country they move to.  The EU Commission is currently taking the British government to one of its kangaroo courts to enforce this law so claiming to be able to limit the benefits that EU immigrants are entitled to is simply dishonest.
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