Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Remember, Remember.....

Tonight is Bonfire Night.

Although many of us will have celebrated it over the weekend, today of course is the anniversary of the discovery of the plot to blow up Parliament and King in 1605 by Guido Fawkes and his fellow conspirators.

The precise meaning of "Bonfire Night" has of course changed with the passing centuries. During the centuries of tumult that followed the Protestant Reformation, it was celebrated as "the Deliverance of our Church and Nation from Popish Tyranny and arbitrary Power" though few, outside the villages in parts of Sussex and Surrey remember it in such terms today. Instead, as the passions of religion faded in society it became a celebration of  the defeat of terrorism - or even a celebration of anarchism and the sneaking suspicion that perhaps blowing the whole bunch of charlatans sky high was a very good idea!

Of course, in recent years the importance of Bonfire Night has faded in favour of the tacky, commercial American import of Hallowe'en. No collapse in tradition could be perhaps be more symbolic of the decline of our national identity and descent into multicultural confusion.

Such traditions matter, and it is incumbent on all of 'Kippers as  British patriots to stop and reverse such malign trends.

Therefore, may I suggest a solution, and that is that wherever possible, UKIP branches start hosting their own bonfire night celebrations in future.

I am being perfectly serious, because the purposes and advantages of doing so are manifold. Firstly, it helps in some small way to help keep alive a cherished British tradition. Secondly, it provides a night out for UKIP members and their families. Thirdly, it would allow us to invite along local people and help embed us in local communities. Fourthly, as a celebration of the defeat against arbitrary power, it publicly reaffirms our belief and commitment to free our society from continental tyranny in the modern age.

And finally because....

"we see no reason, why gunpowder and treason, should ever be forgot!!!"
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