Wednesday, 4 December 2013

UKIP second and third in Grimsby and Dudley

Another two of Alan Bown's constituency polls have been published by Survation showing UKIP in second place for Great Grimsby and a close third for Dudley North.

The first of these polls showed that UKIP is the only party that can beat Labour in South Thanet.  These two polls aren't as close but they show that UKIP's vote is consistently holding up in key marginals and that UKIP is as big a threat to Labour as it is to the Tories.  In all three cases, the Lib Dems are an irrelevant smudge at the bottom of the graph.

Great Grimsby and Dudley North are 9th and 10th on the Conservative Party's list of most winnable seats which would suggest a drubbing for the Tories at the next election.  What is really interesting is that 70% of people who said they would vote UKIP in the next general election didn't vote Tory last time.  The claim that UKIP only attracts Tory voters and that voting UKIP lets Labour win is just nonsense as these polls are showing.
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