Thursday, 27 February 2014

English Democrats prospective MEP in court for electoral fraud

The English Democrats' political brain, Steve Uncles, was in Dartford Magistrates Court today after being charged with 10 counts of electoral fraud.

Uncles has contested a great many elections for local councils, Westminster, the EU and ironically the Police & Crime Commissioner elections and failed consistently. He tried to do a deal with Sinn Féin to change English Democrats policy on Northern Ireland to hand the province over to the republicans in exchange for a donation. He's abused, bullied and defamed political rivals and been threatened with legal action over his behaviour a number of times. He's been in the press more than once for offensive behaviour and attracted criticism for mocking the death of a mentally ill Labour supporter.

During last year's local elections in Kent, the English Democrats fielded a number of candidates that many believed didn't exist and the police were called in to investigate. One of these was "Anna Cleves" (Anne of Cleves) who is of course an English historical figure and supposedly lived in the house that was knocked down to build Steve Uncles' house. Another candidate was "Steves Uncle" who Steve Uncles publicly admitted was a pseudonym.

As the police have pressed charges it's safe to assume these people were fake, along with a number of others and as they've pressed charges against Steve Uncles - something they rarely do with z-list wannabe politicians - it's safe to assume they have some pretty strong evidence that he was responsible for them appearing on the electoral register and then on ballot papers. It is presumably the fact that these fake people were fraudulently entered onto the electoral register well in advance of the election so that they would qualify to appear on ballot papers that made the CPS think a prosecution would be in the public interest.

Uncles pleaded not guilty to all 10 charges today and will now appear at Maidstone Crown Court on March 14th for a preliminary hearing. The maximum penalty for each offence under the Representation of the People Act is a £5,000 fine and 6 months in prison.
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