Sunday, 9 March 2014

Another anti-UKIP smear from the Daily Mail

It seems that the papers have nothing better to do with their time at the moment than make up stories about UKIP.

Today it's the turn of the Daily Mail with the sloppiest piece of anti-UKIP propaganda we've seen for a while. They are running a story "UKIP candidate forwarded racist e-mail ranting against the family of murdered Stephen Lawrence" which starts with the following sentence:
A Tory MP called in the police after his UKIP opponent sent him a grotesque diatribe comparing the family of murdered Stephen Lawrence to apes. 
It then goes on to give details of the email John White sent to Peter Luff MP and how he refused to apologise. It's only when you get two thirds of the way down the article that you get to see how the story has nothing to do with UKIP:
He added that he had let his UKIP membership ‘lapse’ a couple of years ago.
Last night, a UKIP spokesman said that Mr White was no longer a member of the party.
He added: ‘UKIP abhors racism and takes all allegations of racism extremely seriously.
'John White left UKIP in 2012 after becoming unhappy about the direction of the party.’
So he isn't a member of UKIP and hasn't been a member of UKIP for two years but the Daily Mail still try to imply this has something to do with UKIP.
Mr White, who won more than 3,000 votes at the last Election, was a member of the Labour Party for 33 years, switching to UKIP when Gordon Brown became Labour leader.
So he was in Labour for 33 years followed by 3 years in UKIP but he's described as an ex-UKIP candidate, not a former lifelong Labour Party member.

The Daily Mail then go on to quote Luff slagging off UKIP because of an email sent by someone who isn't a UKIP member:
This exposes UKIP for the narrow-minded bigots they really are.
The Daily Mail is so far in the gutter Thames Water should bill them for sewerage every time they print a newspaper.
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