Sunday, 30 March 2014

New King Coal

The prospects for our natural resources providing Britain with an almost unlimited amounts of energy seem to just get better and better. News of potentially huge discoveries of coal beneath the North Sea that could potentially power Britain for centuries (H/T our very own dear Roger Helmer's twitter feed).

Shale gas....Coal.....Oil...even Thorium...we have potentially a wonderful new age of secure, cheap energy at our fingertips. Properly managed and with bold local devolution of resource rights, we could use this to power an industrial renaissance and rebalance our economy away from London and the South East.

How depressing it is that we are stuck with our effete, blinkered and timid Political Class, still infected with all the sanctimonious hypocrisy of "green crap", busy masturbating their MetroLib egos and polishing their CV's as the opportunities continue to slip through our fingers.

How depressing that they lack the guts to devolve mineral rights to individuals or at least local councils who could use them to rebuild local economies far more effectively than a greedy Treasury who will see them all as a short term cash-cow and squander then as assuredly as they squandered North Sea oil.

How depressing that we are stuck in the EU, with it's vested interests in outdated Uranium nuclear technology, leaving Norway and China to go for the much safer and much more plentiful Thorium option.

We will never be free to fulfil our potential as a nation until this wretched Political Class is utterly destroyed. Let us redouble our efforts to do precisely that.

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