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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Racist MP Diane Abbott accuses UKIP of fostering racism

Racist Labour MP, Diane Abbott, has told a trade union anti-racism rally that "growing support for UKIP could see a rise in racism".

Whilst Abbott is clearly an expert on racism from her many years of being a racist, she is very wide of the mark on UKIP.

UKIP's immigration policy is about space, not race. There aren't enough jobs and houses to go around the people who already live here so inviting unlimited numbers of immigrants to live and work here is crazy.

UKIP's policy of promoting monoculturalism is about community cohesion, not race. People who move here and don't speak English, don't mix with people who aren't from their native culture and who don't make any effort to integrate with society struggle to find meaningful work and contribute positively to their community. Multiculturalism encourages self-imposed segregation and isolationism and increases the risk of extremism spreading through groups of impressionable young people.

Here's a selection of racist comments made by Diane Abbott, none of which have resulted in her losing her job or even earning a reprimand:

1988: 'the British invented racism'
1996: 'blonde, blue-eyed Finnish girls' [are unsuitable as nurses because they have] 'never met a black person before'
2007: 'You’d be better off working for a white Conservative. You’re a black conservative, you don’t do the black thing.'
2012: 'White people love playing "divide and rule" We should not play their game'
2012: 'Dubious of black people claiming they've never experienced racism. Ever tried hailing a taxi I always wonder?'