Friday, 7 March 2014

Two wins for UKIP while Elvis beats the Lib Dems

More popular than the Lib Dems
UKIP won two council seats from the Conservatives in Haverhill yesterday:

St Edmundsbury Borough Council (Haverhill East)
Tony BrownUKIP52954%
Pat HanlonLab24024%
David RoachCon15716%
Ken RolphLD545%
UKIP gain from Con

Haverhill Town Council (Haverhill East)
Paul FirmanUKIP63064%
Ken RolphLD10711%
Liz SmithLab22923%
UKIP gain from Con

The best result of the day. though, was in the Clifton North by-election in Nottingham where the Lib Dems were relegated to last place by the Bus Pass Elvis Party.

Nottingham City Council (Clifton North)
Patricia FergusonLab1,17941%
Andrew RuleCon1,02536%
Kevin ClarkeUKIP53619%
David "Lord Biro" BishopBus Pass Elvis672%
Tony MarshallLD562%
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