Wednesday, 9 April 2014

NUS vote to run political campaign against UKIP

The National Union of Students has voted to openly oppose UKIP at its conference.

Jack Duffin, the Chairman of UKIP's youth wing, Young Independence, says he is disappointed because it will alienate the students who are involved with UKIP and call it "bizarre, pathetic posturing". He's not wrong but the NUS is worse than bizarre and pathetic, it is an out-of-touch breeding ground for left wing extremists and Labour politicians.

In February the Telegraph took the NUS to task, describing them as "loony anarchists". The president of the NUS hasn't even been to university and some of the officers aren't even students. The NUS is seen as a stepping stone to becoming a Labour MP and those who cheered the news of Margaret Thatcher's death at their last conference are the ones who will no doubt rise through the ranks quickest.

Like all socialist organisations the NUS doesn't represent its members, it is a platform for left wing extremists that allows Labour to conduct arms-length campaigns of intimidation, violence and vandalism masquerading as grassroots protests.
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