Thursday, 8 May 2014

Fascist animals send blood and faeces to UKIP

The fascists trying to attack UKIP to prevent the humiliating defeat of their beloved Labour Party have hit a new low, sending suspect and hazardous packages to UKIP's head office.

The bomb squad had to be called in to the Royal Mail's sorting office in Peterborough after staff because concerned about two parcels addressed to the party with suspicious messages on them. The packages were x-rayed and found not to contain explosives but faeces.

A number of packages have been sent to UKIP offices containing faeces and blood in the past week or so posing a serious health risk to UKIP and Royal Mail staff. It is a criminal offence to send faeces or blood or similar through the post, not to mention offence to common human decency. These people are animals and the bigger the threat to the Labour Party, the less human they get.

The hate-filled far left pose a significant risk to national security that needs addressing. They are stirring up hatred and creating divisions in society that will inevitably result in a counter-movement by the far right who are just waiting for something that will galvanise support. The more extreme the far left hate campaign gets, the greater the risk of it happening and the likes of the militant fascist group, Unite Against Fascism and trade union front organisation Hope not Hate are fomenting even more hatred and inciting people to commit criminal offences as part of their political campaign.

These far left fascist groups enjoy the support of senior politicians including the leaders of all three of the LibLabCon parties and therefore have the protection of the police who dance to the tune of whichever politicians are in power at the time. The security services are a different matter though and they will undoubtedly have people inside these groups just as they have in UKIP. Let's just hope they stop these animals before they cause civil unrest and someone gets hurt.
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