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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Ex-BNP, ex-English Democrat adult model joins Conservatives

Former BNP and English Democrats member and adult glamour model, Claudia Dalgleish, has joined the Conservatives and has even been pictured with Mark Reckless MP.

According to Trade Union anti-UKIP front, Hope not Hate, Dalgleish was romantically involved with BNP organiser and filth pedlar Steve Squire until she did the dirty on him with BNP officer turned English Democrat Eddy Butler. Squire released some mucky pictures of Dalgleish as revenge and Nick Griffin is supposed to have exposed himself to her in a curry house car park.

Looks like they'll let any old trash into the Conservatives.

Dalgleish with Nick Griffin and Clare Khaw, the extremist that even the BNP wouldn't tolerate