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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

SNP councillor who lives in Austria missed 40 out of 47 meetings last year

An SNP councillor in Gordon Brown's constituency of Kirkcaldy has admitted to living in Austria and only visiting Scotland once every 5 weeks.

Cllr Arthur Morrison lives and works in Austria and travels to Fife once every 5 weeks when he attends a council meeting if one is being held. Last year he attended just 7 of 47 council meetings but nothing can be done to replace him with someone who actually lives in the country because he meets the legal criteria of properly qualifying to stand at the time of the election and attending at least one meeting every 6 months.

Cllr Morrison is paid £16,234 in allowances and sits on five committees. He admits that the SNP have some concerns about his lack of attendance but says Labour's criticism of him is "hysterical".