Sunday, 28 December 2014

Janice Atkinson MEP demands assurances Ashya King's parents can safely return to UK

UKIP MEP for the south east of England, Janet Atkinson, has reacted to the news that Ashya King's parents are scared to return to the UK by demanding assurances from the Home Secretary that they won't be treated like criminals and that their son won't be abducted by social services.

Ashya King suffers from a brain tumour and his parents wanted him to receive proton therapy treatment which is not available on the NHS. They took him out of hospital to their holiday home in Spain so they could sell their Spanish property to pay for the proton therapy treatment themselves. The hospital told the police they had kidnapped their son and his father was arrested and later released without charge. His parents are now scared to come back to the UK for fear of being arrested again and having their son taken off them.