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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Desperate Mail spin 30 contracts ending as UKIP sacking half of staff

Having failed to make the coup against Nigel Farage and rift in the party leadership they made up a reality, the Daily Mail are now reporting that UKIP has sacked half its staff because Douglas Carswell won't take the full £650k a year short money the party is entitled to.

The party took on a number of staff on fixed term contracts running to the end of May to provide the party with professional support during the election campaign. Had UKIP won more than one seat in the general election then there may have been jobs for some of those people and they may have had their contracts extended. As it happens, despite securing almost 3.9m votes there is just one UKIP MP so there are no extra jobs for them to do.

It's unfortunate to lose experienced campaigners but they were employed to do a job, they've done the job and now their contract is finished. The fact that Douglas Carswell isn't taking all the short money has no bearing on the number of staff the party needs outside of a campaign or the end date on a staff contract.