Friday, 31 July 2015

Radio Free UK - - 11th Weekly show out now.

We want to be 'News 24 for the EU Out campaign' - with the latest headlines and back stories - you can be part of it - as a consumer or creator!

The project is developing (the tech is stable!) and we have been promised more exclusive/first to air content!

You can listen to the whole show from the website or (better!) subscribe to the pod feed directly or via iTunes (links to both on the home page).

Theres a long way to go yet - and we can use all the help you can offer - researching content, creating original content or simply reading/recording other web content (we have permission, but not the resources!). - Week 11:


- Vanessa Coleman's new feature 'off the cuff' - introducing her guest Roger a recently retired police officer - who, in future will be here to answer your question, queries - use the comments section on the blog, or email [email protected]
[Direct Link]

- Two Libertarian Features on Mass Immigration, both for and against(!)
[Direct Link]

- How a child protection worker in the US turned whistle blower, and still has a future.
[Direct Link]

- Police body cameras, some results for the US
[Direct Link]

- And two interviews with 'Carly Fiorina' (feisty lady) one on the Planned Parenthood scandal and one on Climate Climate
[Direct Link]

The site has an archive of old shows (in progress) and an improved interface - for desktop and mobile.

Have a listen, use the blogs comment sections, email us - get involved, ready for the EU Referendum!
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