Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Nigel Farage -v- Carwyn Jones

Nigel Farage debated Labour Welsh First Minister, Carwyn Jones, live last night and showed once again why David Cameron is right to be scared to share a platform with him.

All credit to Carwyn Jones for having the balls to face Nigel Farage after seeing how he utterly humiliated the former Lib Dem leader, Nick Clegg, last year but when you're trying to defend the indefensible you've already lost.

There were a number of Labour plants in the audience with questions pre-prepared on cards and who had obviously all had media training but they did little to alter the mood. The Welsh, it appears, have had enough of the EU and don't believe the lies peddled by Labour, the Conservatives and Plaid about how Wales couldn't survive without the EU.

The only boos of the night were reserved for the floundering First Minister when he called Nigel Farage a "lapsed Tory" and made the outrageous claim (simultaneously tweeted by Welsh Labour ... not that it was planned, of course) that UKIP wants to abolish workers' rights.

Jones will no doubt be asking questions of his army of propagandists who failed to brief him that Toyota had announced yesterday that they were committed to staying in the UK regardless of how we vote in the EU referendum. He made several references to the "risk" of Toyota leaving pulling out of the UK if we left the EU which must be quite embarrassing.

As you would expect, Nigel Farage wiped the floor with Carwyn Jones. A poll on the WalesOnline website shows that 81% of people think Nigel Farage won the debate and the comments on social media show Nigel Farage was the clear winner. So that's a Lib Dem and Labour leader debated and dispensed with, we just need Cameron to grow a pair and agree to debate Nigel Farage now.

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