Monday, 18 January 2016

This weeks Radio Free UK show is out! Now including the Better Off Out podcast too!

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YouTube (copyright permitting) :


A bumper show including favourites: Godfrey Bloom, James ‘Jake the Writer’ Clark, Alan Taylor Shearer and Scottie K

And a new addition, the brand new Better Off Out podcast provided by national campaign manager Rupert Matthews.

RadioFreeUK goes from strength to strength with more UK and first to air content than ever. And is now on YouTube! No moving images - just slides and audio, but another community that can now be addressed.

After last weeks technical issues with our IT host, this week we had a ten hour power cut! But we soldiered through and delivered the programme on time.


- We kick off with updates on both the EUOut campaigns (or Leave/No/BRexit if you prefer!)

- We have a selection of reviews of the year ahead, including a feature on Rio as it is to host the Olympics this year, by James Clark.

- In our magazine section Godfrey Bloom talks about Militant Islam and Better Off Out give us a whirlwind tour of Accrington and environs highlighting how the EU touches everything, and always for the worse!

- Cologne on New Years eve was a massive warning to citizens of Europe, so we have some items taking a view on what this means to us now.

- Alan Taylor Shearer who does a lot of our reading for us - presents medley of interesting and unusual items from his own podcast 'Alans Antics'

And we finish off (as we always try to) with the humour of Batsby.


The referendum could be imminent - our aim is to address audiences that would normally be difficult to reach, to do this we need to spread the word about the station as far and wide (and as loud and frequently) as possible. Content is great - but spreading the word is vital too - please forward and share our links as much as you can!
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