Friday, 24 October 2008

Cambridge Conservatives give UKIP Deputy Leader sympathetic hearing

The Cambridge University Conservative Association invited UK Independence Party Deputy Leader and Prospective Lead European Election Candidate for the Eastern Counties, David Campbell Bannerman, to speak in the famous Cambridge Union building on 23rd October. He was asked to explain why he chose to leave the Conservative Party and why he believes it is time to vote for the UK Independence Party.

Mr Campbell Bannerman said: "I was a Conservative for 20 years, and still believe in conservative values such as love of country, strong defence, being tough on crime, low taxes, controlling immigration, and smaller state and grammar schools - sadly modern Conservatives seem to have abandoned these core principles."

"Loyal Conservatives have been let down. They were promised a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, but the Tories refuse to hold one if Lisbon is ratified by the time they get to Government. They promised to leave the pro-Lisbon, pro-Euro EPP Group in the European Parliament, but haven't. They promised Euro election candidates based on merit, but then they rig their MEP selection process to force women to the front of lists with less votes than the men they overtake, and where existing MEPs cannot be replaced. Mugabe would be familiar with such gerrymandering!"

"UKIP offers Conservatives a chance to send a clear message about where their priorities lie: that Britain should trade happily with the EU, but does not want to be in the political superstate: that we want Supertrade not a Superstate."

"In 2004, UKIP rocked the political establishment by coming third with 16% of the vote and 2.7 million votes. Lending UKIP Tory votes in the 2009 European Election can shake things up again!"


hartlepool said...

Nothing about Farage signing UKIP and its Members up to EU Subsidiarity then?Did DC-B say anything about Farage's plans to Reform UKIP from within the EU?oR,MENTION THE FACT THAT ukip HAVE INTENTIONS TO MOVE PEOPLE INCLUDING WOMEN TO TOP MEP CANDIDACY POSITIONS FOR THE MEP ELACTIONS IN 2009?

JoshONyons said...

Nice to see you just registered with blogger today so you could leave that charming comment like so many bitter ex-ukippers do. Do you have any evidence to back up your claims ?

Steve Fowler Blog. said...

Well as some ex members get their info on UKIP from a poisoned British Democracy Forum that is no longer for UKIP i would say not!