Friday, 24 October 2008

Yesterdays by-election results

Spelthorne Borough Council ward, Ashford East (Middlesex) by election:

1st) Steven Rough; Conservative, 858,51.59%

2nd) Diane Appleby; Lib Dim, 452, 27.18%

3rd) Christopher Browne; UKIP, 185, 11.12%

4th) Mark Appleyard; Labour, 163, 9.8%


Earthling said...

How does this compare with previous results? It is a shame the Lib Dims beat us. I still find it very insulting, they have got to be the most pathetic political party in existence! Why are they still the third largest? We need action! :)

wonkotsane said...

Not an unusual result unfortunately. The Lib Dums are, indeed, a thoroughly pointless and pathetic party but who else would the hand wringing EU-loving liberals vote for?

wonkotsane said...

Of course, there's the Scottish element to the Lib Dems' success as well. The handful of Brit-Scots remaining north of the border who want to vote against Labour don't have any choice really.