Friday, 10 October 2008

Nice song, shame the eurofederalists have ruined it

When the British government and assorted eurofederalists lied about the Lisbon Treaty being different to the EU Constitution, research was done and it was discovered to be 96% identical.

In fact, other than a different title and payload, the differences between the two were largely limited to the removal of references to the EU ring of stars and Ode to Joy as the flag and anthem of the European Federation.

I'm sure it won't surprise you, though, to learn that the pretendy parliament has passed a pretendy law making the ring of stars and Ode to Joy the pretendy flag and pretendy anthem of their pretendy country. Which means that if the Lisbon Treaty does get passed into law then everything in the EU Constitution will be brought into force, plus the extra bits they've slotted in to make up for the "compromise" of taking their pretendy flag and pretendy anthem out of the Lisbon Treaty.

But it doesn't stop at adopting the ring of stars and Ode to Joy as symbols of their pretendy country. They also plan to make celebrating Europe Day, their pretendy national day, compulsary in all member states, forcing all public buildings to fly their pretendy flag.

UKIP MEP, Jeffrey Titford, said "The European Union has done so much damage to our country both democratically and economically that to ask us to celebrate its existence once a year, is really rubbing our noses in it. We don't even officially celebrate St George's day here in England!"

The Lib Dems supported the move of course, they're die-hard eurofederalist traitors. Strangely, for a party that is so worried about losing eurosceptic votes to UKIP, some Tory MEP's supported the move. We shouldn't complain really, every time the Tories show their true colours (blue with yellow stars) they drive more and more voters to UKIP.


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