Friday, 10 October 2008

Trevor Colman UKIP's new MEP

The resignation of Graham Booth earlier this month has taken immediate effect and his place as a South West region UKIP MEP has been filled by Trevor Colman of Bishopsteignton, Newton Abbot.His departure from the Euro-political scene has been marked with a presentation at the party HQ in Newton Abbot, and at the Torbay branch, which held a surprise buffet for Mr Booth and wife Pam.Branch vice-chairman Ian Walsh said: "He has represented the South West as a UKIP MEP for six years doing sterling work."He was presented with two astronomy books by the branch, as the subject has been a long time hobby of his.Mrs Booth was presented with a bouquet of flowers by Julie Harrison, the Bay UKIP hopeful.

Trevor Colman a superb replacement served for 33 years as a police officer, mainly in CID.He is to be the number one candidate for UKIP in the South West in the 2009 European elections due to be held next June.
He said: " I shall be representing all those people in the South West who are fed up with the EU and want Britain to govern itself once again. I shall make sure their views are heard loud and clear both in Brussles and in this region."
UKIP's other South West MEP, Roger Knapman, who stays in his post until next June said: " I am delighted Trevor is taking on this role. He will bring new ideas, new energy and new leadership. He is a man of utter integrity and of solid principle. I shall give him all the support I can and we will work as a dedicated team."

We thank Graham for all his hard work over the years and good luck to Trevor Colman!