Thursday, 8 January 2009

New UKIP candidate for Sefton Central seat calls for tougher penalties for criminals

STRONGER penalties for criminals are among the priorities of the new UK Independence Party candidate fighting for the Sefton Central seat.

Peter Harper, 42, who has been adopted as the new parliamentary candidate, strongly opposes the Human Rights Act and wants to see a return to “traditional” British law.
Born and raised in Aintree Village, where he was a parish councillor, Mr Harper has been active in local politics since 2000.

He said: “I strongly oppose the Human Rights Act and seek a return to traditional British law, under which criminals could be found guilty and treated appropriately and under which the victims of crime felt safe and protected from the criminals whose rights are now placed above those of their victims.

“I have been pleased to act on behalf of a number of local residents following their approaches to me to help them resolve issues they were experiencing in matters relating to Sefton Council and to various local and national organisations.”

UKIP’s policies include controlled immigration, a flat tax system, more independence for schools and teachers as well as the opportunity to call for a local referendum on major issues.His belief is that UKIP is “the party of common sense values, combined with the courage of its membership to stand up for the rights and traditions of the British people.”

The self-employed IT consultant has previously worked for Barclays as well as Royal Insurance and recently completed a full term of office as a Maghull High School governor.He is also a member of Sefton’s Schools Appeals Panel, is on Oriel Drive Youth Club’s management committee and is an ex-chairman of Aintree Ratepayers Association.

Mr Harper, who is married with two young children, said: “UKIP must leave the EU, which costs us more than £115 million net a week and cut business red tape, spending the savings on better schools, hospitals, pension and policing.”


SteveUKIP said...

Yes I agree with you Peter Harper there should be stronger penalties for criminals.

This Labour government has watered down punishments to the point where there is very little deterent to lawbreakers.

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