Friday, 27 February 2009

Anti-UKIP propaganda on the increase

Labour has gone on the offensive in response to increasing support for the BNP and managed to get a dig in against UKIP at the same time.

The upcoming EU election is going to be a good one for UKIP so the dirty tricks are starting early. At every opportunity, members of the LibLabCon coalition mention UKIP whenever they are talking about the BNP and they always say the same thing - the BNP has to be stopped and with UKIP faltering everyone who opposes the BNP's politics of hate has to come together.

The message is that UKIP part of the problem, that a vote for UKIP is a vote for the BNP and that UKIP is complicit in the BNPs racist policies. It's blatant propaganda and it's a sign that the LibLabCon coalition is worried, not only by the rise in support for the BNP, but for UKIP as well.

The truth of the matter is, the BNP is a left wing party. The right wing label is a massive propaganda coup by the left who don't want the BNPs racist politics associated with their own fascist politics. It's not the Tories or UKIP that are losing hundreds of members to the BNP. It's not the Tories or UKIP that are losing council seats to the BNP. It's Labour that are facing the biggest threat from the BNP because they are the party that is closest to the BNP.

The propagandists are right, we do all need to come together and fight the BNP because their white supremecist politics have no place in our society. But the answer is not to fall back to propaganda or to protest against the BNP. The answer is to take away the reasons why people vote for the BNP - tighten up on immigration and leave the EU. This is what most people are voting for when they vote BNP and the worrying increase in support for the BNP is a direct result of the failure of the LibLabCon coalition to address these concerns.

There is only one mainstream party other than the BNP that has a policy of tighter immigration controls and leaving the EU and that is UKIP. People voting for the BNP are sending a message to the LibLabCon coalition that they are unhappy with their policies and that they are feeling disenfranchised. The answer isn't to attack UKIP or complain that the BNP is getting support from people who normally vote Labour, the answer is to take away the reasons to vote BNP and until the LibLabCon coalition do (which they won't because they're committed to staying in the European Empire) the only answer is to vote UKIP.


Anonymous said...

As we approach 4th June, this sort of devious propaganda would continue sadly. The pathetic 3 parties think mentioning UKIP and BNP in the same sentence would confuse voters. It won't.