Thursday, 16 April 2009

Eastern Region Election Campaigns Moves up a Gear

Campaigning for the county council and European elections on June 4 steps up a gear for UKIP in the Eastern region with the launch of their manifesto on Monday.

On Monday, the UK Independence Party will be at the Assembly House in Norfolk for the launch of its region campaign. UKIP, which has one Eastern region Euro MP is hoping to build on its success in 2004 with an as-yet undisclosed celebrity-backed publicity campaign.

Outgoing MEP and former party leader Jeffrey Titford will be introducing his potential successors including lead candidate David Campbell Bannerman, who is also deputy leader, alongside Norfolk poultry and arable farmer Stuart Agnew and city finance director Andrew Smith, who are the second and third candidates.

UKIP will also be launching a region-wide poster campaign featuring a "well-known" national icon, who will be highlighting the cost of EU membership and urging the public to back the party.

Mr Campbell Bannerman said UKIP was the only party offering voters a genuine choice.

"This is going to be an eye-catching and hard-hitting campaign," he said. "All three of the old parties are wedded to continued European Union membership, despite its immense cost to our economy, the appalling damage it is doing to our country's ability to govern itself, to control its own borders and immigration, as well as the grave loss of democracy."