Thursday, 16 April 2009

EU Blues

On Saturday, we wrote about the European Empire signing up MTV as a propaganda partner to indoctrinate da yoof in the run-up to the EU elections in June.

UKIP has produced a music video which, it is hoped, MTV will give some air time to balance out the disgusting propaganda.

Hat-tip: Bournemouth West


Bob Feal-martinez said...

Sadly I have a problem with this video. It is brilliant in all respects, except it says English and not British, it will give out opponents a field day.

wonkotsane said...

Bob, count the number of votes we get in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, add them all together and see if they come to a double figure percentage of the votes we get in England.

I listened to Jill Seymour on the radio yesterday talking about St Georges Day and she didn't say England or English once. You can't have it both ways.

Scotland and Wales are a lost cause for any eurosceptic, right of centre party - they elected left wing eurofederalist politicians for their devolved administrations.

ukipwebmaster said...

To answer Bob.
If you go to the YouTube site and the Bournemouth site you'll see we're hoping that will have more 'shouts' to follow from all corners of the U.K.
Most of the comments we're getting have been very positive.

Bob Feal-martinez said...

As I said I have no problem with the thing itself it is well produced and gets the message over but we are the UK Independence Party, not the English Independence Party, that was my only concern.

wonkotsane said...

I hear what you're saying Bob but just because we're the UK Independence Party doesn't mean we can't say England if that's what we mean.

ukipwebmaster said...

The Tories are jumping on the bandwagon: