Friday, 5 June 2009

UKIP gain 5 councillors

UKIP has gained 5 councillors so far with 23 of 34 councils declared.
  • Dave Woolley has taken Woolstanton ward in Newcastle-Under-Lyme.
  • Rex Parkinson-Hare has taken the Nelson and Southtown ward in Great Yarmouth.
  • Steve Povey has taken the Leek South ward in Staffordshire Moorlands.
We're still waiting for details of the other two. If anyone knows who they are, please let us know.

Almost without exception, UKIP has come in the top 3 wherever a candidate has stood.


D.Meyers said...

Congratulations UKIPers.

Alex85 said...
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Alex85 said...

Congratulations to Rex Parkinson-Hare!! Being based in Southtown, I can guarantee that my vote was not a protest vote but one of full support for UKIP in the European and county council elections. I'm so glad that UKIP are in for Southtown. This is a brilliant result for the people of the area who need a voice with local issues, some of which has to do with our place in Europe. Can't wait for Sunday's results. Good luck UKIP!

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