Friday, 5 June 2009

UKIP takes seat of Tories

UKIP has won a seat in Newcastle-under-Lyme from the Tories.

The Seabridge and Wolstanton wards of Newcastle Borough Council both became vacant after the incumbent Tory councillors had to resign after one of them attended only 10% of committee meetings and the other was investigated (and subsequently found guilty) by the standards committee for abusing his position after the council wrote off thousands of pounds of business rates he owed to them.

The Tories kept the Seabridge seat but lost the Wolstanton seat to the UKIP candidate, Dave Woolley. UKIP now has 5 seats on Newcastle Borough Council.


Anonymous said...

These council results show the new trend. People aren't voting UKIP just for the Euros.
They're now the favourite option for many in the locals and next year's Gen election.
People are waking up to what the EU really means. Though not many. People need to be educated.
Just saw these videos, pass them on to as many people as you can:

Bob Feal-martinez said...

We are cautiously optimistic in the South West, and having visited a number of polling stations in Swindon the UKIP top demographic voter turned out at a rate of 12 to 1, what was also good was the number of people who gave me the thumbs up on leaving or spoke to me telling me most of the club members of polling station itself would be voting UKIP.

Steve Halden said...

EU Matters !

For years UKIP has been branded as a one issue party.

Now people realise that the one issue that UKIP was campaigning about, was saving Britain's democracy from destruction by the treacherous Lib/Lab/Con.

The Lib/Lab/Con have joined forces and passed 80% of our democratic control over to the unelected Commissioners in Brussels.

During World War II Winston Churchill dedicated his life to saving Britain from Fascism.

But no-one ever dismissed his government as a one issue party.

To day UKIP is again fighting the Battle of Britain.

On the result of this battle depends the very existance of democracy in Britain today.

We want our democracy back !

EU Matters !