Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Rude carrots back on the shelves

The European Empire has graciously allowed our shops to start selling bendy cucumbers, square strawberries, rude carrots and other "deformed" fruit and veg from today.

Our imperial overlords finally caved in to constant pressure from across the continent and lifted the strict rules on the shape of fruit and veg that even went as far as setting a legal limit on the curvature of a banana and required any non-compliant fruit and veg to destroyed.

Lifting these pathetic rules will make fruit and veg cheaper - some experts reckon as much as 40% cheaper - but the fact that they've been in place for a couple of decades despite being so utterly ridiculous and universally despised and condemned shows how pig headed our imperial overlords are. Brussels would argue that black was white if they issued a directive declaring it to be so.
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