Wednesday, 1 July 2009

UKIP to Launch New Parliament Group at 3pm

At 3pm today (1st July) a new Euro-critical Group in the European Parliament will launch. The event will take place in the European Parliament in room ASP 1E2. The Group will comprise of the following members, Denmark: Dansk Folkeparti, 2 MEPs , Finland: True Finns, 1 MEP , France: Libertas (Mouvement pour la France - CPNT), 1 MEP , Greece: LAOS, 2 MEPs , Italy: Lega Nord, 9 MEPs , Netherlands: Staatkundig Gereformeerde Partij, 1 MEP , Slovakia: Slovenská národná strana, 1 MEP ,United Kingdom: UKIP, 13 MEPs

Nigel Farage the UKIP leader and the current President of the Group said,

“I am delighted to announce the formation of this group. It is a cohesive and broad based Group that will be able to build on the effectiveness of the Independence/Democracy Group from the last Parliament.

It will be able to provide real opposition to the centralising consensus of the other groups. Something that this Parliament, and the free peoples of Europe have been crying out for”. The name of the new Group and its program will be presented at the launch. Rumour has it the group may be called ''A Europe of Free Peoples'' or A Europe of Peoples for Liberty, although the word 'Independence' may yet be retained somewhere in the title.


AProlefrom1984 said...

Good job. And they should please campaign for the retention of Europe's Christian character, traditions and customs - unlike the Sharia Socialists of Nu Lab and their co-conspirators in other countries.

wonkotsane said...

It's very good news that we'll be keeping some sort of grouping in the imperial parliament but I can't help but think that "euro critical" is a bit of a watered down version of Ind/Dem and that our enemies (that's what the eurofederalists are, after all) will see this as a small victory.

As someone who is anti-EU it's good that the Conswervative & (European) Unionist Party have left the EPP and formed their own vaguely eurosceptic grouping but it's a shame they took some real eurosceptics with them and weakened the Ind/Dem grouping.

AProlefrom1984 said...

I did wonder about the 'Euro critical' phrase as well. It adds to my fears about UKIP trying to be seen as 'respectable' by the Guardian, etc.

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